Clock Repairs

Clock reapairs

Looking for a professional clock repair service in Essex? Regardless of whether you have an antique or modern clock, we are in the perfect position to help. Our highly skilled clockmaker undertakes all repairs from servicing to restoration work, on the premises and in our workshop.

When your clock is taken in for repair, we will give you a free estimate based on the work required. In most cases, the clock which you inherited; the one which keeps poor time or has not been going for years, will only need a standard clean and overhaul. Occasionally, a clock may have broken parts - in this case, replacement parts will be sourced, supplied or made, but this is a rare occurrence.

Servicing and overhaul of antique clocks always begin with complete dismantling, followed by re-bushing pivot holes, polishing pivots and palettes, cleaning and lubricating all parts, followed by re-assembly, bench testing and regulating. Once we are entirely satisfied that your clock is running as it should, we will call you to let you know that it is ready for collection. Larger clocks like long cases e.g. grandfather clocks, will be delivered to your place and carefully set up by the clockmaker himself.

All overhauls are guaranteed for twelve months. We recommend that antique clocks be serviced at least every 10 years. Do you ever wonder how clocks made over 300 years ago still work in this day and age and can still keep reasonably good time? That's simply because they have been serviced regularly and properly. Your antique or vintage mechanical clocks should last you a lifetime provided that you look after them - we are here to help you do just that by providing a repair service you can trust.

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